Lenovo and Midokura PoC OpenStack: Software Defined EverythingPositioning Information (withdrawn product)

25 Jun 2015
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This document outlines a Software Defined Everything infrastructure that virtualizes compute, network, and storage resources and delivers it as a service. Rather than by the hardware components of the infrastructure, the management and control of the compute, network, and storage infrastructure are automated by intelligent software that is running on the Lenovo x86 platform.

This Proof of Concept (PoC) focuses on achieving high availability and scale-out capabilities for an OpenStack cloud that uses Lenovo hardware and Midokura's OpenStack Neutron plugin while helping reduce operating expense and capital expense. Midokura provides an enterprise version of the open source MidoNet software. MidoNet achieves network virtualization through GRE or VXLAN overlays with a completely distributed architecture.

This document shows how to integrate OpenStack, MidoNet, and Ceph, while using Lenovo ThinkServer systems with Lenovo Networking switches managed by xCAT.

This paper is intended for customers and partners looking for a reference implementation of OpenStack.

Table of Contents

Executive summary
Business objectives
Lenovo server environment
Lenovo physical networking design (leaf/spine)
OpenStack environment
Automating OpenStack deployment and hardware management
Software-Defined Storage: Ceph
Software-Defined Networking: MidoNet

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