Solution Brief: Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Data Warehouse Fast Track on System x3550 M5 with Micron M500DC Enterprise Value SATA SSDsPositioning Information (withdrawn product)

27 Jan 2015
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Microsoft Data Warehouse Fast Track (DWFT) for SQL Server 2014 on System x3550 M5 is a pre-tested solution from Lenovo that improves time-to-value for your data warehouse (DW) needs with new, scalable reference architecture for Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Enterprise Edition. This paper describes a validated DWFT solution that uses a cost effective System x3550 M5 server combined with Enterprise Value solid-state drives to solve the data warehouse needs of a 5 TB SQL Server database at a reasonable cost for small to medium businesses. This solution arrives just in time for clients that are migrating or upgrading from Microsoft Windows Server 2003 because of its end of support.

Withdrawn: The products described in this document are withdrawn from marketing.

Table of Contents

* Enterprise data warehouse with faster time-to-value
* Better data compression and query time
* Powered by System x3550 M5 with cost effective Enterprise SATA SSDs
* Why System x from Lenovo?
* Bill of materials
* More information

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