Solution Brief: Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Data Warehouse Fast Track on System x3650 M5Positioning Information (withdrawn product)

27 Jan 2015
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Microsoft Data Warehouse Fast Track (DWFT) for SQL Server 2014 on System x3650 M5 is a solution from Lenovo® that improves time-to-value for your data warehouse (DW) needs with new, scalable reference architecture for Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Enterprise Edition. This paper describes the solution that uses the high-performance System x3650 M5 server combined with High IOPS PCIe Flash Storage to solve the data warehouse needs of a 20TB SQL Server database.

Withdrawn: The products described in this document are withdrawn from marketing.

Table of Contents

* Enterprise data warehouse with faster time-to-value
* Better data compression and query time
* Powered by System x3650 M5 and Enterprise io3 Flash Adapters
* Why System x from Lenovo?
* More information

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