ThinkSystem DE Series Performance Tuning Best PracticesPlanning / Implementation

5 Nov 2019
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Lenovo® ThinkSystem™ DE Series storage array is designed to provide high performance I/O. ThinkSystem System Manager is the browser-based management software embedded on the DE Series storage array and is a versatile and easy to use for performance tuning purposes. In this paper, we explain the options for tuning the storage array and the background behind the tuning. We also provide recommendations for quick reference. Operating system-related tuning practices are not covered, however.

This paper is intended for technical specialists, sales specialists, sales engineers, and IT architects who want to learn more about the performance tuning of the ThinkSystem DE Series storage array. It is recommended that readers have basic ThinkSystem System Manager knowledge.

Table of Contents

Performance metrics and measurement units
ThinkSystem System Manager tuning
Recommendations for specific workloads
ThinkSystem DE Series Sizing Tool

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Change History

Changes in the November 5 update:

  • Added “VMware environment setup” on page 15
  • Added “Appendix: VMware environment setup” on page 15

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