Configuring Lenovo Networking Switches in a Spine-Leaf TopologyPlanning / Implementation

16 Oct 2018
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This paper describes how to configure Lenovo® networking switches in a Spine-Leaf topology. It is a companion to the paper Introduction to Spine-Leaf Networking Designs which shows the rationale for using such an architecture and some of the metrics for different possible topologies.

The paper includes sample configuration text for Layer 3 Spine-Leaf deployments (routed and switched) and Layer 2 Spine-Leaf deployments (switched only). Samples are provided for both spine and leaf switches.

The intended audience for this document is network engineers who are involved in or considering the deployment of Lenovo network switches in a Spine-Leaf topology.

Table of Contents

Layer 3 Spine-Leaf Design
Layer 2 Spine-Leaf Design
Validated hardware and operating systems
Technical support and resources

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