Introduction to Using DevOps Tools for Network Switch ManagementPlanning / Implementation

30 May 2018
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DevOps brings together tasks of system developers and operators/administrators under a common framework. The use of DevOps ensures service continuity, higher quality of delivery and faster service creation, all with reduced cost.

Lenovo® Cloud Network Operating System (CNOS) provides an open and agile environment that makes it easy to develop switch applications by using standards-based interfaces, protocols and API. This sets the foundation for building robust networks that could be managed and monitored from one place. Extending the use of DevOps Tools to automate the overall manageability and network resource provisioning enables seamless integration with the larger enterprise data center ecosystem supporting cloud and virtualization environments.

This paper describes how network developers and operators can use DevOps tools to create an automated and efficient operation model to manage Lenovo CNOS-based networking switches. This paper is intended for network installers, system/network administrators and service providers who are engaged in configuring and maintaining a network. The reader is expected to be familiar with networking concepts, networking automation and orchestration, and network management.

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DevOps with CNOS
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