Lenovo Certified Configurations for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI (S2D)Positioning Information

30 Apr 2021
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Deploying hyperconverged infrastructure has become the de-facto standard for organizations looking to modernize their aging infrastructure. Large storage deployments are increasingly being replaced by HCI-based solutions for most general-purpose workloads. HCI has proven to deliver better efficiency and price performance in the datacenter. Additionally, customers have been choosing a hybrid approach, migrating certain workloads to the cloud, while keeping other workloads on-premises.

Azure Stack HCI, a new HCI host operating system from Microsoft, is Microsoft’s HCI solution for customers who wish to run workloads on-premises and extend easily to Microsoft Azure for hybrid capabilities such as back-up, site recovery, storage, cloud-based monitoring and more. Whether you prefer to deploy the new Azure Stack HCI operating system or take advantage of Azure Stack HCI functional capabilities that are built into Windows Server 2019, Lenovo ThinkAgile MX solutions provide hardware that is certified for use in both scenarios.

The benefits of Lenovo® HCI solutions include:

  • Highly available and scale-on-demand compute/storage integrated solutions
  • Easy to provision new IT services and reduce deployment time
  • Better performance and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Flexible infrastructure and data centers

This document provides background information regarding the Microsoft Windows Server Software-Defined (WSSD) program for Windows Server 2016 and the Microsoft Azure Stack HCI program for Windows Server 2019, as well as the benefits of deploying certified configurations based on the Lenovo ThinkAgile™ MX Certified Node. It also provides details of the current Lenovo certified configurations for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI, including processor, memory, network, and storage components included with each cluster node.

Table of Contents

Microsoft HCI certification overview
ThinkAgile MX Series solutions
Lenovo certified configurations for Microsoft S2D
Component selection
Network switches
Other recommendations
Change History

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Change History

Changes in the April 2021 update:

  • Added notes regarding support for NVIDIA T4 GPU in ThinkAgile MX1020 and MX1021 solutions
  • Added section “NVIDIA/Mellanox network switches” on page 28 that provides details regarding NVIDIA (Mellanox) network switches that have been tested with ThinkAgile MX solutions
  • Added the ThinkAgile MX1020 on SE350 Appliance to the notes included under “Special considerations for ThinkAgile MX1020 and MX1021 on SE350” on page 21

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