Lenovo Big Data Validated Design for IBM Db2 Warehouse on ThinkSystem ServersReference Architecture

16 Mar 2018
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This document describes the reference architecture for the Lenovo Big Data Validated Design for IBM Db2 Warehouse with ThinkSystem Servers. It provides a predefined and optimized hardware infrastructure for high performance implementation of IBM Db2 Warehouse software. This reference architecture provides planning, design considerations, and best practices for implementing IBM Db2 Warehouse with Lenovo and Intel products.

With ever increasing amounts of data being made available to an enterprise, the challenge of deriving the most value from it has become very important. This task requires the use of suitable analytics software running on a tuned hardware platform. Running Db2 Warehouse for Data Marts and Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) use cases as well as incorporating it in Data Lakes and driving EDW modernization are areas of significant interest and focus. The IBM Db2 Warehouse solution described in this document is very well suited for implementing the infrastructure to support these modern analytics initiatives.

Table of Contents

Business problem and business value
Architectural overview
Component model
Operational model
Deployment considerations

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