Energy Efficiency Features of Lenovo ThinkSystem ServersPlanning / Implementation

25 Apr 2019
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As electrical costs continue to rise, customers demand decreasing power usage and increasing efficiency on servers. Extracting as much power savings as possible translates into many “dials and knobs” used to enable and tune the power features. These settings can quickly overwhelm a server administrator. As a result, the server is either not optimized for efficiency or worse, both efficiency and performance suffer.

This paper describes the energy efficiency and power saving features available on the Lenovo® ThinkSystem™ servers. Also discussed are tools available to monitor and cap power, tools for predicting power consumption, calculating TCO savings realized from power savings, and finally a reference to system power states.

The paper is intended for Lenovo ThinkSystem server administrators. Before implementing any items described in the paper, the user should have a comfortable understanding of the server hardware, the server configuration tools (e.g. UEFI F1 Setup, oneCLI), and configuring the target operating system.

Table of Contents

A balanced approach
Relative influence of power features
18 server features for power efficiency
Summary: The role of efficiency in TCO
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