Reference Architecture: Lenovo Client Virtualization (LCV) with ThinkSystem ServersReference Architecture

8 Jan 2018
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This document is the reference architecture (RA) for the Lenovo Client Virtualization (LCV) solution using ThinkSystem servers and forms the basis for vendor specific reference architecture documents. This RA describes the business case and requirements for client virtualization and describes an abstract model for implementing client virtualization. Concrete instantiations of the model are provided in vendor specific RAs. This RA also describes the Lenovo and OEM hardware that can be used to implement the Lenovo Client Virtualization solution.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Business problem and business value
  3. Requirements
  4. Architectural overview
  5. Component model
  6. Operational model
  7. System performance considerations
  8. Performance testing
  9. Resources

Change History

Changes in the January 8 update:

  • Replaced Lenovo RackSwitch G8124E with Lenovo ThinkSystem NE1032 switch
  • Add NVidia M10 GPU
  • Removed fibre channel switches and SAN networking

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