Analyzing and Tuning SPECmpi Performance on Lenovo ThinkSystem ServersPlanning / Implementation

13 Mar 2018
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Message Passing Interface (MPI) is a message passing library standard widely used in parallel computing to adapt single-threaded workloads for parallelism. The SPEC MPI 2007 benchmark suite is designed to provide an objective representation of the suitability of servers for parallel computing workloads.

This paper describes how to configure Lenovo ThinkSystem servers to obtain the best performance for parallel computing workloads and other applications that have similar characteristics to the SPECmpiM benchmark.

This paper is intended for data center administrators, ThinkSystem end users and technical sales representatives who want to understand how to tune systems for MPI workloads. The paper assumes readers are familiar with Linux and have experience with programming languages such as C/C++.

Table of Contents

Message Passing Interface
SPECmpi 2007
ThinkSystem SR650
Analysis of CPU performance
Analysis of memory performance
Performance tuning
Reference information

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