Combining IBM Storwize V7000 for Lenovo IP Replication and Oracle Data GuardPlanning / Implementation

30 Aug 2017
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The Oracle Data Guard technology is native to the Oracle database and does not depend on the server and storage replication. It requires less network bandwidth to transfer the data from a primary site to a standby site, because it transports only log files. However, it is a more complex implementation when compared to storage replication and must be implemented for each database independently.

This paper combines Oracle Data Guard and Lenovo remote copy technologies and discusses the use of the near disaster and far disaster concepts that are best suited for customer environments.

The intended audience for this paper is any technical lead, system administrator, storage administrator, or Oracle database administrator in a production environment who is experienced with disaster recovery concepts and procedures.

Table of Contents

Introduction to the IBM Storwize V7000 for Lenovo system
Understanding RTO and RPO
IBM Storwize V7000 for Lenovo copy services
Oracle Data Guard
IP partnership configuration
Configuring iSCSI on IBM Storwize V7000 for Lenovo
Lab setup

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