Reference Architecture: Lenovo Client Virtualization with VMware Horizon and ThinkSystem ServersReference Architecture

8 Jan 2018
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This document is the reference architecture (RA) for the Lenovo Client Virtualization (LCV) solution using VMware Horizon on ThinkSystem servers. It should be read in conjunction with the LCV base reference architecture document. This RA describes the software components of the solution including VMware Horizon and the VMware ESXi hypervisor. The RA shows different operational models using Lenovo ThinkSystem servers, networking and storage products with guidance on how to size each part of the solution. Some examples of different deployment models are provided together with an appendix containing the bill of materials.

Table of Contents

Architectural overview
Component model
Operational model
Appendix: Bill of materials

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Change History

Changes in the January 8 update:

  • Added section on GPU graphics acceleration
  • Replaced G8124E RackSwitch with ThinkSystem NE1032 switch
  • Added ThinkSystem SD530 server

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