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24 May 2018
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Energy Star is a joint program between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy conceived to promote energy efficiency and reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions in hardware of all kinds.

This document summarizes the Energy Star certifications for Lenovo servers.

Change History

Changes in the May 24 update:

  • The ThinkSystem SD650 (7X58) is Energy Star certified


Energy Star is a joint program between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy conceived to promote energy efficiency and reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions in hardware of all kinds.

Products meeting certain standards such as contributing significant energy savings while maintaining high performance and features earn an Energy Star label. Such labeling identifies and promotes energy-efficient products and helps customers decide which products to purchase that will offer savings on their energy bills by lowering their electricity costs.

Therefore, purchasing an Energy Star labeled product ensures you are saving energy and minimizing your environmental impact, all without sacrificing performance.


The following table lists the Energy Star certications of Lenovo servers. The links in the Certification number column take you to the certification on the Energy Star web site.

The Energy Star level (2.0 or 2.1) corresponds to the version number of the Server Energy Efficiency Rating Tool (SERT) testing performed:

  • Energy Star 2.1 corresponds to SERT Version 1.1.1 or later
  • Energy Star 2.0 corresponds to SERT Version 1.1.0
Table 1. Energy Star certification level
Server Energy Star certification Certification number
ThinkSystem SD530 (7X20, 7X21, 7X22)Energy Star 2.12300532
ThinkSystem SD650 (7X58)Energy Star 2.12320246
ThinkSystem SN550 (7X16)Energy Star 2.12300533
ThinkSystem SN850 (7X15)Energy Star 2.12300534
ThinkSystem SR530 (7X07, 7X08)Energy Star 2.12300563
ThinkSystem SR550 (7X03, 7X04)Energy Star 2.12301812
ThinkSystem SR570 (7Y02, 7Y03)Energy Star 2.12305125
ThinkSystem SR590 (7X98, 7X99)Energy Star 2.12305541
ThinkSystem SR630 (7X01, 7X02)Energy Star 2.12299302
ThinkSystem SR650 (7X05, 7X06)Energy Star 2.12299301
ThinkSystem SR850 (7X18, 7X19)Energy Star 2.12300857
ThinkSystem SR860 (7X69, 7X70)Energy Star 2.12306477
ThinkSystem SR950 (7X11, 7X12, 7X13)Energy Star 2.12303892
ThinkSystem ST550 (7X09, 7X10)Energy Star 2.12299511
ThinkAgile HX2720-E (7X82)Energy Star 2.12300532
ThinkAgile HX3720 (7X82)Energy Star 2.12300532
ThinkAgile HX1320 (7X83)Energy Star 2.12299302
ThinkAgile HX1520-R (7X84)Energy Star 2.12299301
ThinkAgile HX2320-E (7X83)Energy Star 2.12299302
ThinkAgile HX3320 (7X83)Energy Star 2.12299302
ThinkAgile HX3520-G (7X84)Energy Star 2.12299301
ThinkAgile HX5520 (7X84)Energy Star 2.12299301
ThinkAgile HX5520-C (7X84)Energy Star 2.12299301
ThinkAgile HX7520 (7X84)Energy Star 2.12299301
Converged HX Series
Converged HX1310 (8693)Energy Star 2.02269058
Converged HX2310-E (8693)Energy Star 2.02269058
Converged HX2710-E (8689)Energy Star 2.02272759
Converged HX3310 (8693)Energy Star 2.02269058
Converged HX3310-F (8693)Energy Star 2.02269058
Converged HX3500 (5462)Energy Star 2.02268810
Converged HX3510-G (8695)Energy Star 2.02268810
Converged HX3710 (8689)Energy Star 2.02272759
Converged HX3710-F (8689)Energy Star 2.02272759
Converged HX5500 (5462)Energy Star 2.02268810
Converged HX5510 (8695)Energy Star 2.02268810
Converged HX5510-C (8695)Energy Star 2.02268810
Converged HX7500 (5462)Energy Star 2.02268810
Converged HX7510 (8695)Energy Star 2.02268810
Flex System
Flex System x220 (7906)No 
Flex System x222 (7916)Energy Star 2.02254814
Flex System x240 (7162)No 
Flex System x240 (7863, E5 v1)No 
Flex System x240 (7863, E5 v2)No 
Flex System x240 (8737, E5 v1)No 
Flex System x240 (8737, E5 v2)Energy Star 2.02238256
Flex System x240 M5 (9532, E5 v3)Energy Star 2.02248297
Flex System x240 M5 (9532, E5 v4)Energy Star 2.12248297
Flex System x440 (7167)No 
Flex System x440 (7917)No 
Flex System x880 X6 / x480 X6 / x280 X6 (7196)Energy Star 2.12254814
Flex System x880 X6 / x480 X6 / x280 X6 (7196)Energy Star 2.02254814
Flex System x880 X6 / x480 X6 / x280 X6 (7903)No 
System x
System x3100 M4 2582No 
System x3100 M5 5457No 
System x3250 M4 2583No 
System x3250 M5 5458Energy Star 2.02238241
System x3250 M6 3633 / 3943Energy Star 2.12264270
System x3300 M4 7382No 
System x3400 M3 7378,7379No 
System x3500 M3 7380No 
System x3500 M4 (7383, E5 v1)No 
System x3500 M4 (7383, E5 v2)Energy Star 2.02238252
System x3500 M5 5464Energy Star 2.12232888
System x3530 M4 (7160, E5 v1)No 
System x3530 M4 (7160, E5 v2)Energy Star 2.02233218
System x3550 M3 7944No 
System x3550 M4 (7914, E5 v1)No 
System x3550 M4 (7914, E5 v2)Energy Star 2.02238257
System x3550 M5 (5463, E5 v3)Energy Star 2.02269058
System x3550 M5 (8869, E5 v4)Energy Star 2.02269058
System x3630 M3 7377No 
System x3630 M4 (7158, E5 v1)No 
System x3630 M4 (7158, E5 v2)Energy Star 2.02233388
System x3650 M3 7945No 
System x3650 M4 (7915, E5 v1)No 
System x3650 M4 (7915, E5 v2)Energy Star 2.02238259
System x3650 M4 BD 5466Energy Star 2.02238244
System x3650 M4 HD 5460Energy Star 2.02238251
System x3650 M5 (5462, E5 v3)Energy Star 2.12268810
System x3650 M5 (8871, E5 v4)Energy Star 2.12268810
System x3690 X5 7147No 
System x3750 M4 8722No 
System x3750 M4 8752/8718Energy Star 2.02239590
System x3750 M4 8753Energy Star 2.02239590
System x3755 M3 7164Energy Star 2.02238254
System x3850 X5 / x3950 X5 7143Energy Star 2.02238245
System x3850 X6/ x3950 X6 (3837, E7 v2)Energy Star 2.02238258
System x3850 X6/ x3950 X6 (6241, E7 v2)No 
System x3850 X6/ x3950 X6 (6241, E7 v3)Energy Star 2.12238258
System x3850 X6/ x3950 X6 (6241, E7 v4)Energy Star 2.12238258
ThinkServer RD230No 
ThinkServer RD330No 
ThinkServer RD340Energy Star 2.02223317
ThinkServer RD350 (E5 v3)Energy Star 2.02226542
ThinkServer RD350 (E5 v4)Energy Star 2.02226542
ThinkServer RD430No 
ThinkServer RD440Energy Star 2.02223318
ThinkServer RD450 (E5 v3)Energy Star 2.02226543
ThinkServer RD450 (E5 v4)Energy Star 2.02226543
ThinkServer RD530No 
ThinkServer RD540Energy Star 2.02223857
ThinkServer RD550 (E5 v3)Energy Star 2.02256125
ThinkServer RD550 (E5 v4)Energy Star 2.02256125
ThinkServer RD630No 
ThinkServer RD640Energy Star 2.02223846
ThinkServer RD650 (E5 v3)Energy Star 2.02255928
ThinkServer RD650 (E5 v4)Energy Star 2.02255928
ThinkServer RS140No 
ThinkServer RS160No 
ThinkServer TD230No 
ThinkServer TD340No 
ThinkServer TD350 (E5 v3)Energy Star 2.12218439
ThinkServer TD350 (E5 v4)Energy Star 2.12218439
ThinkServer TS130No 
ThinkServer TS140No 
ThinkServer TS150 (E3 v5)No 
ThinkServer TS150 (E3 v6)No 
ThinkServer TS430No 
ThinkServer TS440No 
ThinkServer TS450No 
ThinkServer TS460Energy Star 2.12289418
iDataPlex dx360 M4 (7912, E5 v2)Energy Star 2.02238253
NeXtScale nx360 M4 (5455)Energy Star 2.02238248
NeXtScale nx360 M5 (5465, E5 v3)Energy Star 2.02233219
NeXtScale nx360 M5 (5465, E5 v4)Energy Star 2.12284962
ThinkServer sd350 (5493)Energy Star 2.02272759
BladeCenter HS12 (8014)No 
BladeCenter HS12 (8028)No 
BladeCenter HS22 (7870 7809)No 
BladeCenter HS22V (7871)No 
BladeCenter HS23 (7875, E5 v1)No 
BladeCenter HS23 (7875, E5 v2)No 
BladeCenter HS23E (8038)No 
BladeCenter HX5 (7872)No 
BladeCenter HX5 (7873)No 


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