ThinkAgile Network Orchestrator for NutanixPlanning / Implementation

31 Jan 2018
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Lenovo ThinkAgile Network Orchestrator for Nutanix is a feature of Lenovo RackSwitch CNOS (Cloud Network OS) network switch firmware that provides the ability for the infrastructure or server administrator to modify the network as needed to support typical tasks such as the creation starting, and shutdown of new machines, as well as manipulation of guest virtual machines on VLANs. These tasks are performed through the Nutanix PRISM dashboard, with the switches configured to detect the changes and act upon them.

The purpose of this software is to enable the infrastructure or server administrator to see a single pane of glass and perform his or her tasks without needing to know details of network switch management. The switches learn of changes in the environment from PRISM and dynamically modify their configurations as needed.

This paper covers the functionality and configuration of ThinkAgile Network Orchestrator. The paper assumes some level of familiarity with CNOS as well as with Nutanix and its PRISM management console.

Table of Contents

ThinkAgile Network Orchestrator: What it does
ThinkAgile Network Orchestrator: Switch Configuration
Layer 2 and Layer 3 upstream connectivity
Appendix: Complete G8272 switch configuration

Change History

Changes in the January 31 update:

  • Changes to show added function for security, queueing, and QoS filers
  • Changes to show added function for vnic statistics
  • Added Nutanix support matrix, Table 2 on page 8

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