Networking Guide for Lenovo Converged HX Series Nutanix Appliances (CNOS Switch Firmware)Planning / Implementation

22 Oct 2019
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This paper details preferred network designs and topologies for use with the Lenovo Converged HX Series Nutanix Appliance hyperconverged platform. This platform is based upon Nutanix software and Lenovo System x servers with direct-attached storage.

The network designs in this paper use Lenovo's Ethernet switching products and the new Cloud Networking Operating System (CNOS) firmware with which they operate. This document is based on the Lenovo Press paper, Networking Guide for Lenovo Converged HX Series Nutanix Appliances, which presented designs based on the previous Enterprise Network Operating System (ENOS) generation of Lenovo switching firmware.

The intended audiences for this paper include server, storage, and networking engineers and salespeople, working for Lenovo as well as for its customers and business partners.

Note: This paper is for switches running CNOS firwmware. If you are running ENOS firmware, see the version of this paper at

Table of Contents

Preparing the switches
Configuring the switches as VLAG peers
Connect the VLAG to your existing core network
Appendix A: VLANs and TCP Port reference
Appendix B: Acropolis Hypervisor considerations
Appendix C: VMware Virtual Distributed Switch considerations
Appendix D: Considerations for multiple VLANs for guest virtual machines
Appendix E: Connecting to the upstream network – L3 considerations
References and further reading

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Change History

Changes in the October 22 update:

  • New section, “Enable Discovery of newly deployed Nutanix nodes” on page 12