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At Lenovo’s Transform 2.0 conference, Lenovo and NetApp announced a global multi-faceted partnership to bring innovative technology and a simplified experience to help customers modernize IT and accelerate their digital transformation. The ThinkSystem DM Series Unified and DE Series SAN Hybrid and All Flash Storage Arrays are the first solutions from this partnership. Read the DM Series and DE Series Product Guides to get more information about the new storage systems.

High Performance Solution for Oracle Database 12c with Lenovo x3650 M5 Server and SanDisk Fusion ioMemory SX350 StoragePositioning Information

3 Feb 2017
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Oracle users often state their top priority is reliability, followed by a blend of performance, capacity, and cost. These requirements provide the framework for this paper. To reduce costs and achieve a rapid return on investment, enterprises can run large performance-sensitive Oracle databases with confidence, or consolidate databases from many servers. Leveraging flash storage allows I/O requests to complete quicker by an order of magnitude over traditional spindle hard drive storage.

This paper provides a set of deployable solutions for accelerating various Oracle Database workloads with SanDisk PCIe based flash storage while simultaneously reducing TCO. Two database workloads are examined in this paper: On-Line Transaction Processing (OLTP), and Decision Support System (DSS).

As shown in this paper, using SanDisk PCIe based flash storage all but eliminates the processor’s spin-wait events and allows the system as a whole to perform significantly more operations per unit of time.

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