Reference Architecture for Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct (S2D)Reference Architecture

24 Mar 2017
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This document describes the Lenovo Reference Architecture for Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct (S2D). Lenovo Reference Architecture offerings create virtually turnkey solutions that are built around the latest Lenovo servers, networking, and storage, which takes complexity out of the solution. This Lenovo Reference Architecture combines Microsoft software, consolidated guidance, and validated configurations for compute, network, and storage.

This Lenovo solution for Microsoft S2D combines the Storage Spaces Direct and Failover Cluster features of Windows Server 2016 with Lenovo industry standard x86 servers and Lenovo RackSwitch network switches to provide turnkey solutions for enterprises. The architecture that is described here was validated by Lenovo and certified for Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct.

The intended audience of this document is IT professionals, technical architects, sales engineers, and consultants to assist in planning and designing, as well as to provide best practices for implementing the Lenovo Reference Architecture for Microsoft S2D.

Table of Contents

Architectural overview
Component model
Operational model
Deployment considerations
Appendix: Lenovo bill of materials

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