Lenovo Storage S2200 Delivers Best in Class Price Performance SPC-1 BenchmarkPerformance Benchmark Result (withdrawn product)

20 Jul 2016
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Lenovo posts a best in class price/performance benchmark performance result with the Lenovo Storage S2200.

This document summarizes the SPC-1 benchmark result for the Lenovo Storage S2200 that was published on 30 June, 2016. The document lists the result, summarizes the major components of the configuration under test, and provides the link to the relevant benchmark organization’s web site for details about the result.


Lenovo Storage S2200June 30, 2016... The Storage Performance Council (SPC) has published the SPC-1 benchmark results for the Lenovo Storage S2200. The S2200 achieved the best result in its class, Traditional Entry SAN Controller-based Storage configurations under $25,000 (Price Bands 1-4).

The price-performance result achieved by the S2200 is as follows:

  • $0.23 per SPC-1 IOPS

As well as achieving a best-in-class result, the S2200 also achieved an overall #3 ranking. The overall ranking is shown in the Top ten results by Price-Performance page on the SPC web site. Supporting documentation of the result are published on the SPC web site:

Lenovo’s first SPC publishing demonstrates leadership price performance in the Traditional Entry SAN space, proving that it is not necessary to spend more to get high performance storage for your IT environment. For customers who need to accelerate online transactions or Service Providers looking to improve their Service Level Agreements (SLAs), the Lenovo Storage S2200 will deliver the best performance at the lowest cost in the industry for Traditional Entry (<$25,000) controller-based storage space.

About the Lenovo Storage S2200

The Lenovo Storage S2200 is a SAN Storage Array that offers simplicity, speed, scalability and reliability for a variety of workloads. With an easy to use management interface, the S2200 makes complex administrative storage tasks incredibly simple.

The Lenovo Storage S2200 is designed to fit your business by giving you a choice of supported connectivity options, SAS, Fibre Channel or iSCSI. The S2200 supports 12x 3.5-inch large form factor drives or 24x 2.5-inch small form factor and supports up to a total of up to 96 drives with the addition of three expansion enclosures.

The S2200 is perfect for deployments in companies that need advanced features at an affordable price. Equipped with storage tiering, asynchronous replication, high availability, thin provisioning, and other enterprise class features, the S2200 provides your business with a solid foundation to grow. With a simple controller upgrade with an S3200 controller, your system can support more performance, users, host ports, capacity, and snapshots without data migration.

For more information about the S2200, see the Lenovo Storage S2200 Product Guide.

About the configuration

The S2200 was configured as follows:

  • Lenovo Storage S2200 SFF SAS Dual Controller, 6411-2B4
  • 4x 2.5" 400GB SAS SSD, 00MM720
  • 2x 1m SAS cables, 00WE7482
  • 1x N2225 SAS/SATA HBA, 00AE912

The configuration is shown in the following figure.

Configuration used in the benchmark
Figure 1. Configuration used in the benchmark

For more details, see the SPC-1 Executive Summary and SPC-1 Full Disclosure Report.

About SPC and the SPC-1 benchmark

The Storage Performance Council (SPC) is a non-profit corporation founded to define, standardize, and promote storage subsystem benchmarks as well as to disseminate objective, verifiable performance data to the computer industry and its customers.

The SPC-1 benchmark specification defines a scalable suite of tests that emulates the workload seen by a storage system in support of an online application, such as an email server. There are defined relationships between three different areas of storage, and specific workloads applied to each of the areas. It includes a mixed set of read, read/write, and write workloads, at various block sizes. SPC-1 results are designed to show how a storage subsystem may perform in your IT environment across a variety of workloads.

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