Building Networks with the Lenovo/Juniper Virtual Data Center Pod ArchitecturePlanning / Implementation

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Last week, Lenovo announced new server options: processors, memory, network adapters, NVMe SSDs, flash storage adapters, and more. Read the Lenovo Press article that explains what was announced with pointers to the new and updated Lenovo Press documents.

7 Oct 2016
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This paper presents two topologies for a cluster or pod of servers and storage which can be deployed in an existing or new data center. The topologies presented are VSAN and iSCSI and can be scaled to considerable size if desired. Juniper and Lenovo switching hardware is used in the designs described; the Juniper switches are deployed as core switches and the Lenovo switches as edge and aggregation switches.

This paper is for networking engineers, designers, and architects -- those working for Lenvo, Lenovo business partners and Lenovo customers.

Table of Contents

VSAN architecture
iSCSI architecture
Juniper feature configuration
Lenovo feature configuration
iSCSI configurations
Test results

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