Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) Deployment GuidePlanning / Implementation

9 Jan 2017
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As the high demand for storage continues to accelerate for enterprises in recent years, Lenovo and Microsoft have teamed up to craft a software-defined storage solution leveraging the advanced feature set of Windows Server 2016 and the flexibility of the Lenovo System x3650 M5 rack server and RackSwitch G8272 switch.

This solution provides a solid foundation for customers looking to consolidate both storage and compute capabilities on a single hardware platform, or for those enterprises that wish to have distinct storage and compute environments. In both situations, this solution provides outstanding performance, high availability protection and effortless scale out growth potential to accommodate evolving business needs.

This deployment guide provides insight to the setup of this environment and guides the reader through a set of well-proven procedures leading to readiness of this solution for production use. This guide is based on Storage Spaces Direct as implemented in Windows Server 2016 RTM (Release to Manufacturing).

Table of Contents

Storage Spaces Direct Solution Overview
Solution configuration
Overview of the installation tasks
Configure the physical network switches
Prepare the servers and storage
Install Windows Server 2016
Install Windows Server roles and features
Configure the operating system
Configure networking parameters
Create the Failover Cluster
Enable and configure Storage Spaces Direct
Appendix: Parts list for hyperconverged solution
Appendix: Parts list for disaggregated solution

Change History

Changes in the 9 January 2017 update:

  • Added detail regarding solution configuration if using Chelsio NICs
  • Added PowerShell commands for IP address assignment
  • Moved network interface disablement section to make more logical sense
  • Updated Figure 2 and Figure 3
  • Fixed reference to Intel v3 processors in Figure 4
  • Updated cluster network rename section and figure
  • Removed Bill of Materials for disaggregated solution