Lenovo Flex System x240 M5 Video Walk-through Video

4 Sep 2015
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The Lenovo Flex Systemâ„¢ x240 M5 Compute Node is a high-performance server that offers new security, efficiency, and reliability features to handle business-critical workloads. The blade server is based on the Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 processors. It features up to 18 cores and uses new TruDDR4 Memory, which runs at speeds up to 2133 MHz.

In this video, David Watts and Dave Ridley take you through the new server and show you all the major components. Thanks to Jeff Lin from Emulex for the loan of the FC5054 Fibre Channel adapter!

Fore more information see the Flex System x240 M5 Product Guide.


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