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28 Apr 2020
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For mission-critical storage networks

Features and Performance

The Lenovo B300 Entry Fibre Channel (FC) Switch is purpose-built for the high-performance storage connectivity required for business-critical applications. The Lenovo B300 operates at 8Gbps, 4Gbps, 2Gbps and 1Gbps link speeds while providing optimized, automated and integrated SAN capabilities.

The B300 supports storage arrays from Lenovo Storage for analytics and online transactions. The B300 is available in a standard 8-port configuration (upgradeable to 24 ports), which includes the 8Gbps optics. It is an entry SAN 1U switch for small storage networks.

Simple Scalability

This FC Switch allows “pay-as-you-grow” scalability by providing 8-port license upgrades for 24 total ports. Optional management and trunking features are available as software upgrades. The switch provides an affordable, flexible foundation for entry-level SANs or an edge switch for core-to-edge SAN environments.

The B300 SAN Scalable Switch can also be deployed as an Access Gateway allowing servers to connect to NPIV-enabled SAN fabrics (24-port configuration required). The switch also interoperates with multiple vendors’ FC storage arrays and switches to support clients as they add or adjust storage capacity.

Simplified Management

The B300 with Fabric Vision technology provides a breakthrough hardware and software solution that helps simplify monitoring, maximize network availability and reduce costs.

This optional software feature enables administrators to avoid problems before they impact operations, helping organizations meet service level agreements.

To simplify deployment, the B300 features the EZSwitchSetup wizard and other usability and configuration enhancements.

Why Lenovo

Lenovo is the leading provider of x86 systems for the data center. The portfolio includes rack, tower, blade, dense and hyperconverged systems, and supports enterprise class performance, reliability and security. Lenovo also offers a full range of networking, storage, software and solutions, and comprehensive services supporting business needs throughout the IT lifecycle. 


Part Numbers 3873AR6/HC7 – 8 ports populated with 8Gbps SWL FC transceivers
Single Integrated Power Supply/Fan Units Standard
FC Port Scalability 8-port 8Gbps activation license with SW SFPs (00WF814)
Maximum FC Ports 24 total physical ports
FC Speed Support External ports: 8/4/2/1Gbps; auto-sensing
Optional Licenses Full Fabric (e-port upgrade for select models), Inter-switch Link (ISL) Trunking, Fabric Vision, Extended Fabric, Enterprise Bundle
Optional Transceivers 8Gbps LW or ELW
Rack Mount Kit Included Fixed 4-post Rail Kit

Associated Options: For details on transceivers, cables, other associated options and technical details, refer to the

Lenovo B300 Product Guide

For More Information

To learn more about the B300 Fibre Channel Switch contact your Lenovo representative or Business Partner or visit lenovo.com/systems/storage.

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