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13 Mar 2018
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Eighth-generation LTO Ultrium, half-height tape drive

Outstanding Solution

Storage requirements have inevitably grown alongside rising data volumes in today’s information-driven enterprises. Besides primary storage, backups have become increasingly important for disaster recovery and regulatory compliance.

The IBM TS2280 Tape Drive answers those business needs by incorporating the latest generation of industry-leading LTO technology that will help organizations handle the growing data demands of modern tape use cases like Big Data, cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), media and entertainment, digital video surveillance, active file archiving and, of course, for backup. 

The TS2280 provides even higher capacity than the previous generation. For small and midsized businesses requiring backup and low-cost archival storage of data, TS2280 is an excellent tape-storage solution, providing a physical storage capacity of up to 30TB per cartridge (with 2.5:1 compression).

The drive boasts an uncompressed data transfer rate of up to 300MBps (up to 750MBps with 2.5:1 compression) with 6Gbps SAS interface connectivity. For flexible network integration, this compact external drive offers both two SAS ports and one Ethernet port, and can be rack mounted or used in stand-alone configuration. The dual SAS ports allow daisy-chaining a second SAS device.

Advanced features 

The TS2280 6Gbps SAS interface enables it to connect to a wide spectrum of open-system servers. The LTO Ultrium 8 tape media provides partitioning support, which, in conjunction with IBM Spectrum Archive, provides users with file-level access to tape data.

This support helps users quickly locate and update information on the tape media. LTO Ultrium 8 technology is also designed to natively support data encryption, with core hardware encryption and decryption capabilities resident in the LTO Ultrium 8 tape drive itself.

Software support

Management solutions such as IBM Spectrum Protect™ or third-party storage management software can extend the power of TS2280. IBM Spectrum Archive helps simplify access and management of TS2280 by enabling text-based file tagging, enabling more intuitive searches of drive content. This software creates an efficient “data footprint” to dynamically store every bit of data, helping maximize performance and ensure security.

Archiving enables storage of digital assets for the long term, so assets can be referenced and monetized for years to come.

IBM Spectrum Archive supports the tape-oriented LTFS and helps reduce complexity by enabling a graphical user interface to the tape drive’s contents using the operating system file manager. These features together help make tape-based data as easy to find and access as disk- or flash-based data.

In addition, LTFS-capable tape drives are designed to be interchangeable among compatible LTO tape drives and supported operating systems, so administrators do not have to worry about hardware or software compatibility. With LTFS, managers can quickly access, store or archive files on tape, and transport files to and from different locations in a very easy to use format.

Anyone in need of fast and reliable access to inactive ‘cold’ data—like movie and music producers, post production editors, broadcasters, digital video surveillance managers, and cloud and storage managers—now has an affordable solution to access and more easily archive high-quality files. LTFS opens the door to new uses and applications for LTO Ultrium tape, making tape easy and intuitive.


TS2280 Tape Drive supports the LTO Consortium compressed specification for LTO Ultrium 8, offering up to 30TB of data storage per cartridge (12TB native), twice the compressed capacity of the previous LTO Ultrium 7 cartridges. In addition to reading and writing to LTO Ultrium 8 tape cartridges, TS2280 can read and write to LTO Ultrium 7 cartridges. TS2280 supports the self-describing features of LTO tape cartridges for operational simplicity.


Available configuration Model 6160-H8S—One LTO Ultrium 8 tape drive, 6Gbps SAS interface
Tape drive type LTO Ultrium 8
Physical capacity 12TB native; 30TB with 2.5:1 compression
Number of tape drives 1
Number of tape cartridges 1
Data transfer rate Up to 300MBps native, up to 750MBps with 2.5:1 compression
Media type

Read and write:
LTO Ultrium 8
12TB data cartridge

LTO Ultrium 7
6TB data cartridge

Also available:
LTO Ultrium cleaning cartridge

Weight 4.3kg (9.5 lbs)
Power requirements 100 – 240V ac, 50 – 60Hz auto-ranging
Dimensions (W x H x D) 213 mm x 58 mm x 332 mm (8.4 in. x 2.3 in. x 13.1 in.)
Warranty 3-year limited warranty, customer replaceable unit (CRU) and on-site service in most countries, next-business-day 9x5, service upgrades available

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