Dave Laubscher

Dave LaubscherDave Laubscher is an Executive Consultant at the Lenovo Executive Briefing Center in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. In this role, Dave works with Lenovo and reseller sales teams to design, plan, and executive briefing events focused on creating two way discussions that showcase Lenovo’s enterprise capabilities and address unique client information needs. Dave will also lead client discussions focused on server technology and systems management solutions not only in the center, but also at customer locations and across web based connections

During his 30 years in the IT Industry, Dave has held a variety of positions in development, marketing, and sales organizations. Although he started his career working on virtualization products for the mainframe, he has been focused on the x86 server family for the past 22 years. He currently specializes in converged offerings, rack and blade servers, virtualization, and systems management solutions.

He is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University with a BS in Computer Science and an MS in Business Administration.